Then the empowerment of the autonomous individual led to a revolt. Lawsuits were flying left, right and centre, the western system of vertical hierarchy was under attack. The public were sueing fast food companies, claiming they were responsible for their obesity. Suits were filed against tobacco companies seeking to hold them liable for cancer. Environmentalists were sueing oil companies for pollution, stock holders sued company directors for malpractice and employees sued companies for breach of contract. The world was changing, multinationalists were being held accountable.

In 2005 Ahold was subject to negative media attention due to the dismissal of employees. The reason for dismissal was their age, they were considered too old already at the age of 18. The commission for equal rights filed a report stating that on many occasions employees were encouraged to leave or were simply not planned in for their contract hours. Ahold had no legal right to act in this manner. But the employees had every right to sue them for breach of contract. Unfortunately, because legal procedures are costly and lengthy, many did not claim their rights.

Now everybody is a lawyer. Using this website you can generate a legal concept letter to sue a multinationalist for age discrimination in 5 minutes. You can send the letter by e-mail or by post. [Sending the letter by post makes it legally binding]. The letter which is generated, is based on an existing letter drawn by a practising lawyer, in a representative case of age discrimination. Sue a multinationalist today.

Note; At the moment the generated concept letter only applies to Ahold employment specifications.